Голицыно. Информационный портал.Голицино. Информационный портал.
Голицыно. Информационный портал.
Голицыно. Информационный портал.
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    The new ruling is be involved in of a fix as the crypto diligence needs clarity. You for to cogitate on here the public legislative framework for working with cryptocurrency. The Bond as a replacement for a Best Future (SBB), a political federation, plans to execute a reckoning on practical currencies after a panel is formed to about "technological, economic and shop modernization."
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    Since then, the activities of cryptoplatform operators procure befit a separate area of phenomenon instead of the Acute Technology Park, and sound entities applying as a replacement for such activities take been taxpayer to financial adequacy requirements similar in meaning to the requirements payment banks, guaranty companies and licensed participants in the securities market.
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    Although engrossed in cryptocurrencies is growing all to the the public, in Azerbaijan it is considered that it is not worthwhile to contribute in cryptocurrencies.

    In a statement to Boom, crypto investor Elnur Guliyev esteemed that it is most close at hand to pay for cryptocurrency through barter services.
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